Fort Worth - Benbrook Child Care & Day Care

Primary Academy Day Care
Welcome to The Primary Academy Benbrook Child Care and Day Care

We believe every child has an endless potential to learn and understand.  Given appropriate experiences, tools, and guidance, each child within our program can succeed at their own pace and level.  The Primary Academy will strive to provide all participants with an educational plan appropriate for their ability.  These plans will include physical, emotional, nutritional, and educational goals.  Participants will be given experiences that will encourage exploration and development in activities such as fine arts, foreign language, and logical skills.

It is our mission to provide families of young children a safe, clean, secure, loving, learning experience through a Christian based curriculum.

Children can grow in knowledge, structure and respect having the opportunities to develop with confidence leading to the development of a bright future.

The Primary Academy provides child care and day care services for the Benbrook, Aledo, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas.  We are a secure entry facility and a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).